Tullahoma Girls Basketball Team to Get New Coach

Story by Wayne Thomas, Tullahoma News

Tullahoma City Schools officials have confirmed that Kyle Shipley, the girls basketball coach for the past four months, has been relieved of his position with the team.
According to Director of Schools Dan Lawson, Shipley would no longer be coaching at Tullahoma High School and “the basketball position has been offered to and accepted by Dale Alsup.”
Lawson confirmed to The News on Wednesday, Sept. 20 that Shipley had been suspended from both his coaching and teaching position as of Monday, Sept. 11, pending a district investigation.
“Both the suspension and the investigation continue and we will have no further comments until our investigation is complete,” Lawson reported.
District investigations and suspensions may be sustained for up to 90 days, according to the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA), chapter 49-5-511.
“Upon the close of that period, the employee may be exonerated or charged,” according to Lawson.
If charged, the employee in question “enjoys due process rights of appeal,” he said.
Alsup previously coached the Lady Wildcats basketball team for two seasons before leaving the position after the 2012-2013 season. He was succeeded by Keith Dean, who held the position until his dismissal following the 2016-2017 season, which is when Shipley took over.
In addition to coaching the Lady Wildcats, Shipley is also an educator at Tullahoma High School. He is currently listed as the criminal justice teacher on the school website.
However, as of Tuesday afternoon, Lawson reported to The News that Shipley was no longer teaching the criminal justice curriculum.
According to Lawson, Lieutenant Jason Kennedy, who works with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, “has been employed to teach criminal justice at THS.”
Kennedy’s effective start date will be Oct. 16, according to Lawson. In the meantime, THS Principal Kathy Rose has had substitute teachers leading the class, he said.
As of Wednesday afternoon, Lawson said that Shipley was still employed by the district as an educator, but that he had spoken with counsel on both sides and he anticipated Shipley’s resignation that day.
By Thursday morning, however, no announcement of resignation on Shipley’s part had been made.
When contacted for comment, Shipley said that he was eager to “get my side of the story out there,” but he would need to check with his lawyer on a statement.