TSSAA Legislative Council Votes ‘No’ to Public/Private Split

TSSAAThe much anticipated TSSAA Legislative Council meeting on Thursday provided drama and passion, but no complete separation of public and private high schools in Tennessee athletics.  After an impassioned plea from executive director Bernard Childress to allow the TSSAA staff to “let us as a staff create something within our bylaws” the vote to completely split public and private schools, which was presented by a proposal from Trousdale County and Lewis County, was rejected by a 5 to 4 vote.  The Council then voted unanimously to mandate that the TSSAA staff bring options for Bylaws regarding eligibility and fair play back to the Legislative Council prior to mid-September.  Additionally, the Council approved the proposal to add 3 members each to the Legislative Council and Board of Control.  These 3 members, one from each Grand Division of the state, shall be Independent School representatives and will be elected at the annual meeting of the schools of each Grand Division in November.