Titans make several staff updates

The Titans on Tuesday announced a number of updates to the team’s football staff.

In the personnel department, Blaise Taylor is now a pro scout and Matt Miller is now a college scout, transitioning from their previous roles as scouting assistants.

Taylor’s focus will be involved in advance scouting for upcoming opponents, as well as evaluating potential free agents for the free agency period every spring. Miller will have a region of colleges to visit, evaluate, and gather information on prospects for the annual NFL Draft. Both will retain portions of their previous roles as scouting assistants.

Also, Mical Johnson will now serve as a scouting assistant in a full-time role. Last fall, Johnson served as the Amy Adams Strunk Women in Football intern. She will work in both college and pro scouting, evaluating players, monitoring the daily waiver wire, and assisting in the preparation for free agency and the NFL Draft.

Johnson, who played women’s tennis at Belmont from 2015 to 2019, helped put the advanced reports together for the coaches during the 2020 season for the team’s weekly opponent.

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