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Purchase Titan Tickets, Help Red Raiders

Would you like the opportunity to get tickets for a Tennessee Titans game PLUS help the Coffee County Red Raider football team?  For the first time ever, Red Raider fans have a chance to purchase a $40 Titans ticket which will earn the Coffee County CHS athletic department a $10 donation from the Titans.  You can purchase tickets for the following home Titans games:

September 15th vs. Colts

October 6th vs. Bills

October 20th vs. Chargers

October 27th vs. Buccaneers

To purchase the tickets, go to the link: https://offer.fevo.com/high-school-football-fundraiser-13e45ee?fevoUri=high-school-football-fundraiser-13e45ee%2F  and use the promo code COFFEE

If you have questions, you can email CHS athletic director Rebecca Koger at: kogerr@k12coffee.net