MYFL Report for Saturday, September 30

Jacoba Fells of the Division 1 MYFL Raiders

Written and recorded by Darryn Strickland

Saturday September 30, the Raiders took on the Warren County Pioneers; PeeWee division did not play.

The Division 1 Raiders started off with a loss of 0-26. Though, they didn’t win, their offense had the ball the majority of the game. #15 Jacoba Fells led the offense with 52 yards rushing. #00 Gavin Smith also assisted with some carries.

In Div. 2, like the first game, the highlights came from offense. #5 Gabriel Hambly led the team with 75 yards rushing, #9 Zander Gomes and #7 Tyler Martin also had some carries. The Pioneers defeated the Raiders 0-20.

At the start of the Div. 3 game the crowd got excited, the stands shook with cheering. Jacob Barlow ran his heart out with over 100 yards rushing, an extra point, and 2 touchdowns. Johnathan Akers led his Raiders with 11 tackles, while the entire defense was also swarming to the ball. At the end of the first half the Raiders were down 6-9. They knew they still had a chance of winning. When they started the second half they fought their hearts to come from behind and defeat the Pioneers. The Raiders won their first game of the season with a score of 20-16. The crowd grew wild and the whole city knew that they won.

Next weekend the Raiders are traveling to Fayetteville to go up against the Tigers. Come out and support our 2017 Red Raiders.