Motlow Holds Successful Softball Camp

Motlow head softball coach Tori Raby-Gentry and a number of her Lady Bucks team members recently held their annual softball camp on the main Motlow campus in Moore County.
The camp featured two sessions, one for younger players under the age of 13 and the second for girls age 13 and over.
“The kids got a lot of one-on-one instruction from me and my team members,” said Raby-Gentry. “Our numbers weren’t quite as high as we had hoped, but for this time of year with so many people on vacation we were pleased with the turnout.”
The camp focused on teaching fundamentals at a basic level to the younger campers, while the session for older girls focused on more advanced softball skills.
Raby-Gentry has completed her recruiting class for the 2013 season. Her team has scheduled a number of contests for the unofficial fall season in preparation for the regular spring season.
“Summer camp is the first time coaches get to see some of their new players interact with other team members,” Raby-Gentry added. “Our players did a great job of sharing their knowledge of the game and their love for the game.”
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