HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING: Coffee County mixes it up with Rockvale, Warren County

See results from Coffee County Central wrestling versus Warren County and Rockvale below:

Rockvale High School (RKV) 46.0 Coffee County (COFF) 36.0

132: Payton Ashburn (RKV) over   (COFF) (For.) 138: Caleb Boothe (COFF) over Nathaniel Breeding (RKV) (Fall 5:13) 145: Jacob Barlow (COFF) over Gonzolo Comaschi (RKV) (Fall 0:28) 152: Gavin Prater (COFF) over   (RKV) (For.) 160: Nazario Flores (COFF) over   (RKV) (For.) 170: Nathan Weinrauch (RKV) over Chris Hollis (COFF) (Fall 0:38) 182: Andrew Weinrauch (RKV) over   (COFF) (For.) 195: Zachary Galy (COFF) over Connor Hedges (RKV) (Fall 1:19) 220: Andrew Blackburn (RKV) over   (COFF) (For.) 285: Blayne Myers (COFF) over Makhai Minor (RKV) (Fall 2:45) 106: Jerell Johnson (RKV) over   (COFF) (For.) 113: Logan Saller (RKV) over Thomas Clark (COFF) (MD 15-7) 120: Lance Miles (RKV) over   (COFF) (For.) 126: Parker Sparks (RKV) over   (COFF) (For.)

Warren Co. (WACO) 34.0 Coffee County (COFF) 21.0

145: Jacob Barlow (COFF) over Alec Smith (WACO) (Dec 8-4) 152: Gavin Prater (COFF) over Stephen Curtis (WACO) (Fall 2:51) 160: Kalah Lusk (WACO) over Nazario Flores (COFF) (Fall 3:49) 170: Chris Hollis (COFF) over   (WACO) (For.) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Zachary Galy (COFF) over Issac Gillentine (WACO) (DQ) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Timothy Jerrigan (WACO) over Blayne Myers (COFF) (Fall 3:16) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Sabastien Smith (WACO) over Thomas Clark (COFF) (MD 14-6) 120: Caleb Mackie (WACO) over   (COFF) (For.) 126: Double Forfeit 132: Seth Lindsay (WACO) over   (COFF) (For.) 138: Alan Esparza (WACO) over Caleb Boothe (COFF) (Fall 2:27)

Rockvale (Girls) (RVG) 0.0 Coffee County High School (Girls) (COFG) 0.0

160: Kaylee Fuller (RVG) over Sara Crosslin (COFG) (Fall 1:06) 160: Abigail Rue (COFG) over Taigan  Hulme (RVG) (Fall 2:49) 160: Sara Crosslin (COFG) over Taigan  Hulme (RVG) (Fall 1:27) 160: Kaylee Fuller (RVG) over Abigail Rue (COFG) (Fall 0:38) 160: Kaylee Fuller (RVG) over Sara Crosslin (COFG) (Fall 0:46) 160: Abigail Rue (COFG) over Taigan  Hulme (RVG) (Fall 1:19)