Coffee County Tennis Results

tennis2Girls lose a heartbreaker 4-3

Karlee Reed lost 4-8
Alex Crossland wins 8-5
Maddie Taylor wins 8-4
Savannah Hodge lost 8-5
Kayla Wright lost 8-2
Reed/Taylor lose 8-2
Crossland/Hodge win 8-3

Boys lose 7-0

Walker Seagraves lost to Allen 3-8
Trevor Ivey -Bodman lost to Tyler Burdick 1-8
Easton Mai loses a great match 6-8 to Taylor Burdick
Shilp Patel lost to Couser 1-8
Jay Patel falls to Hunter Rogers 2-8
S. Patel/Seagraves loses 8-1
J Patel / Mai loses 8-0

In JV action Will Davis and Evan Herrell lost 6-1 in doubles
Ali Shelton lost in singles play 6-4
and freshmen doubles team Emily Shelton and Hope Blackburn win 6-2