CHS Soccer Prepares to Host Preseason Play-day on Saturday

Soccer GoalThe CHS Red Raider soccer team had their first scrimmage action of the year on Tuesday night due to wet field conditions. The Red Raiders will hope to get some preseason action on Saturday as they host the 2015 Red Raider Jam. 13 teams will participate in the scrimmage play day beginning at 9 AM on the soccer and football fields behind the Coffee County Raider Academy. The Red Raider varsity will take on Stone Memorial, Fayetteville, Webb and Central Magnet. The Red Raider JV will play Central Magnet JV, Stone Memorial and Smith County JV.


The complete schedule is as follows:
Red Raider Soccer Field
9:00 AM – Webb vs. Central Magnet
9:40 AM – Coffee County vs. Stone Memorial
10:20 AM – Webb vs. Stewarts Creek
11:00 AM – Stone JV vs. Smith Co. JV
11:40 AM – Coffee County vs. Fayetteville
12:20 AM – Stewarts Creek vs. Stone Memorial
1:00 PM – Stone JV vs. Coffee Co. JV
1:40 PM – Webb vs. Coffee County
2:20 PM – Central JV vs. Stone JV
3:00 PM – Fayetteville vs. Central Magnet
3:40 PM – Smith County vs. Webb
4:20 PM – Central Magnet vs. Coffee County
5:00 PM – Stone JV vs. Smith Co. JV

Carden-Jarrell Field
9:00 AM – SAS vs. Smith County
9:40 AM – Warren County vs. Fayetteville
10:20 AM – Central JV vs. Coffee Co. JV
11:00 AM – Central Magnet vs. SAS
11:40 AM – Smith County vs. Warren County
12:20 AM – Smith Co. JV vs. Central JV
1:00 PM – SAS vs. Warren County
1:40 PM – Smith County vs. Stewarts Creek
2:20 PM – Smith Co. JV Coffee Co. JV
3:00 PM – Stone Memorial vs. SAS
3:40 PM – Stewarts Creek vs. Warren County
4:20 PM – Fayetteville vs. Stone Memorial
5:00 PM – Central JV vs. Coffee Co. JV