CCMS to Host Thursday Home Meet

The Coffee County Middle School track team will return to action on Thursday when they play host to East Tullahoma, South Franklin and Warren County. Thursday’s meet will get underway at 4:30 PM with the field events and will take place at Carden-Jarrell Field. The Raider and Lady Raider harriers are looking for another strong performance coming off a home win last Friday against Harris, South Franklin and Warren County.
Individual performances for the home meet from Friday, April 13th are as follows:

Girls (PR = Personal Record)
Shot Put: Alyssa McClanahan-29’ 2.5” PR, Chandlar Carter 25’ 10.5”, Nikki Graham-25’ 10” PR
Discus: Jayda Wright-79’ 9” PR, Chandlar Carter-57’ 7”, Nikki Graham-46’ 0.5”
Long Jump: Emma Wood-13’ 5” PR, Madison Rooker-12’ 11” PR
High Jump: Kenzie Givens-4” 0”, Katie Cotten-3’ 10”
100m: Katie Cotten-13.47 PR, Emma Wood-13.5 PR, Alyssa Gipson-14.37 PR
4x200m Relay: Brianna Shelton, Arianna Hansen, Ellie Fann, Alyssa Gipson-2:10 PR
1600m: Greenlee Woods-6:22, Josie Willis-6:33, Lindsey Grimes-7:01 PR, Haley Koren Sherrill-7:23
4x100m Relay: Ellie Fann, Rachel Coder, Kelsey Brantley, Riley Phillips-1:04
400m: Alyssa Gipson-1:11 PR, Kenzie Givens-1:15 PR, Alyssa McClanahan-1:18
800m: Madison Rooker-3:00, Jorja Waggoner-3:02 PR, Alexis Wise-3:04 PR, Hannah Young-3:13 PR
200m: Emma Wood-29.8 PR, Katie Cotten-29.3 PR
4x400m Relay: Greenlee Woods, Alyssa McClanahan, Kenzie Givens, Madison Rooker-5:13 PR

Boys (PR = Personal Record)
Shot Put: Michael Delong-30’ 5” PR, Phinehas Rollman-29’ 11” PR, Michael Floyd-18’ 1”
Discus: Ethan Welch-118’ 2.5” PR, Michael Delong-81’ 10” PR, Michael Floyd-50’ 5”
Long Jump: Ethan Baker-15’ 2” PR, Braison Yancer-14’ 11” PR, Lee Bieder-12’ 9”
High Jump: Ethan Welch-5’ 0”
100m: John McKelvey-12.22 PR, Ethan Baker-11.74 PR
4x200m Relay: Holden Shew, Matthew Blomquist, Xander Blomquist, Jackson Warrick-2:08
1600m: Jacob Rutledge-5:05 PR, Ethan Welch-5:33
4x100m Relay: Isaac Pauley, Logan Gabriel, Garrett Masters, Lee Bieder-57
400m: Ethan Beaty-1:00, Braison Yancer 1:03 PR, Phinehas Rollman-1:09
800m: Jacob Rutledge-2:23 PR, Jacob Slabaugh-2:44 PR, Blake Young-2:47 PR, Clayton Bryant-3:12
200m: Ethan Baker-26.31 PR, Lee Bider-27.45 PR, John McKelvey-27.55 PR
4x400m Relay: Ethan Beaty, Braison Yancer, Phinehas Rollman, Jacob Rutledge-4:29