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Golda C. Glasgow

Golda C. Glasgow, affectionately known as Goldie, passed on to her heavenly
reward on June 27, 2020.  She recently celebrated her 99th birthday (June
14, 1921). Ms. Goldie was of the “greatest generation”, growing up during
the Great Depression in rural SW Virginia.  She was the oldest of 11

Ms. Goldie left Austinville, VA., a few years after high school graduation,
and traveled to Washington DC.  She rode the train to interview for a job
with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  She was hired in 1943.

She performed her duties diligently and soon was promoted to a supervisory
position in the fingerprint division.  Her work history began during the
crucial war years.  She met, dated, and finally married a career Navy
Officer, thus beginning her new career as a military wife, moving wherever
the Navy stationed them.

Upon her husband’s retirement from the Navy in 1964, the family moved to
Tullahoma, TN. where he began a second career with Arnold Engineering and
Development Center.  Upon retirement from that job in 1983, they remained
in Tullahoma and then decided to return to Virginia in 1992.  Her husband
died from injuries received in a car wreck during the transition.  She
continued building the house in Virginia and then moved there where she
resided until she was 95.  During the 24-year return to her hometown area,
she remained independent, living by herself and driving each day.  She was
proud of herself to continue to drive until almost 96 years of age.

Her son moved her back to Tullahoma in 2016 for safety reasons. She learned
to adjust to assisted living and made many friends at Morning Pointe.

Displaying the greatest characteristics of her generation, she was humble,
proactive, kept faithful commitments, had great integrity, knew how to
survive, and exhibited personal responsibility.  She dedicated her life to
doing the “right thing’.  She bestowed these values to her children.  She
loved gardening, and was well known for her vegetables, along with her
pecan pies and carrot cakes.  She read health related magazines and was
very health conscious.

She enjoyed making Kombucha tea, a healthy fermented tea.  In fact, her
granddaughter, Melanie Wade Styles opened the first and finest Kombucha
manufacturing plant in the state of Georgia, known as Golda Kombucha LLC.
It continues to thrive with Ms. Goldie’s picture and personal story on many

Her son says that it was an honor to assist her and traveled extensively
with her the last 21 years of her life.  He says that she had a wonderful
responsible personality, complimented with a splash of drama.  It made for
a unique and exciting combination of personality traits.  She kept everyone
laughing wherever they found themselves in their travels.  He says that she
loved to eat at Cracker Barrel restaurants and always asked for a table
near the fireplace in the winter months.  She continued, to the last days,
to give the orders and expected everyone to comply with them.  Her son says
it was a joy to see someone still in control of their life at such an old

Her youngest daughter, Kathy, says that Ms. Golda’s loving, but opinionated
strong personality will be sadly missed by all her friends, caregivers, and

She had a peaceful death, surrounded by family.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Earl Robert Glasgow.

She is survived by her 3 children: Brenda Eaves (Richard), Snellville,
Georgia; Ron Glasgow, Tullahoma, Tennessee; and Kathy Inman (Scotty),
Woodstock, Georgia; 5 grandchildren;6 great grandchildren; 1 sister (Audene
Bogart); 2 brothers, (Glenn Cox and Wayne Cox)

A celebration of life is planned at Grubb Funeral Home, 215 S. 6th St.,
Wytheville, Virginia. 276-228-3101 (Email:grubbfh@hotmail.com) Expressions
of sympathy may be sent to the family at www.grubbfuneralhome.com (once the
portal  and celebration of life date are established). Interment will be at
the Bethany Methodist Church Cemetery in Austinville, Virginia.


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