Woman Pleads No Contest to Felony Theft Charge from Winchester Funeral Home

Former Shelbyville Municipal Planning Commission member Wanda Woodlee pleaded no contest to a felony theft charge in Franklin County last month.
Woodlee worked as office manager at the Winchester funeral home at the time of the alleged offense, which court documents state happened between January 2016 and July 2016. The no contest plea means Woodlee did not admit guilt but still accepts punishment for the crime in question.
As part of a deferred sentence, Woodlee will serve two years of state-supervised probation for theft.
If she successfully completes her probation period, the indictment will be wiped from her record.
Woodlee has also been ordered to make monthly restitution payments in the amount of $833.33 to Watson-North Funeral Home owner Thomas North Jr. until $20,000 has been paid. (Shelbyville Times-Gazette)