Woman Charged With Being Drunk While Picking Up Her Children At School

Jail2A Shelbyville woman who was attempting to pick up her children this past Thursday at the Learning Way Elementary school was arrested. The principal said Veronica Myers Clayton appeared to be intoxicated and police were called to the school. A policeman made contact with the father of the children, Tyler Leverette, who was in the couple’s vehicle in the parking lot. The Shelbyville officer said he could smell a strong alcoholic beverage coming from her person. The officer said the woman had slurred speech, blood shot eyes and was having trouble standing on her own. Myers-Clayton had cuts on her face and said Leverette had hit her earlier in the day. Leverette said he had been at work and had not seen her all day.
The owner of the trailer park where the couple lives stated to police that he had seen Myers-Clayton drunk earlier in the day and watched her fall into a trailer and stumble several times. Myers-Clayton was placed under arrest.
The children were released to Leverette.
Once arriving at the Bedford County jail Myers was asked if she had anything on her that should not be taken into the facility and she said no. A corrections officer searched Myers and found 28 Hydrocodone pills in her pants and was charged with introduction of contraband along with public intoxication.