Woman Charged with Arson in Tracy City

On Nov. 3, Tracy City Police Chief Charlie Wilder arrested Stephanie Morrison, 39, of Palmer, for arson.
Wilder said his department was dispatched to 160 12th St. in Tracy City, to remove an unwanted guest. Upon arrival, they removed Morrison who was arguing with her parents, homeowners Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Meeks, and arranged with the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department to transfer her home to Palmer.
The next day, a passing motorist noticed a fire at the same address and called 911. Wilder and a Tracy City Police officer arrived on the scene within two minutes and were able to put out the fire which involved a four-wheeler and a part of the structure.
Later the same day, Wilder saw Morrison walking down the street.
“She reeked of gasoline,” said Wilder. He took Morrison into custody, interviewed her, and arrested her for arson.
The structure was saved. The chief said the arson investigation is ongoing and further details will be available at a later date.