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Woman allegedly steals purse from car at funeral home, uses stolen credit card to purchase gift cards

Manchester Police Department is searching for a woman who allegedly broke into a car last week, took a purse and then purchased prepaid Visa cards.

According to MPD, the female in question broke into the car at the Coffee County Funeral Chapel. The suspect then went to the Manchester Walgreens and two Dollar General stores inside the city limits and purchased prepaid Visa cards with the break-in victim’s debit card. According to MPD, the crime has totaled nearly $3,000 in damage and lost funds. 

According to MPD, the same suspect has committed similar crimes in other areas of the state, including Smyrna and Tullahoma, as well as northern Alabama. 

Anyone with information about this suspect is encouraged to call investigator Trey Adcock at 931-728-2099 ext. 1515.