Winners At CCMS

This week’s winners at CCMS who had the correct answer to Nurse Angie’s Mystery question were 6th grader Madelyn Weems and 7th Grader Chasity Doss. The answer this week was Jackie Joyner Kersee. They won a Wilson Super Grip Football with reusable water bottle and a Head Tennis Racket with pedometer. The Subway card winners this week were 6th grader Paige Cothran (not pictured), 7th Grader Abbigale Westmoreland (not pictured), and 8th Jordan Harmon. This week’s staff member who won was Angelia Farris. All of this is made possible through the Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant. Helping kids make healthier food choices and be more physically active for a healthier life!!