Wheel Tax Back On County Agenda—Correction on School Systems Funding

WHEEL TAX 2In a recent meeting of the Coffee County Budget and Finance Committee they voted to bring a $10 motor vehicle privilege tax, or wheel tax, before the full commission at this week’s meeting.
The $10 per vehicle wheel tax is being proposed to pay $300,000 of the county school system’s increased budget request. The system says it needs an extra $1 million for 2015-16 for buses, teachers and other needs. Because the county has to give matching funds that are split between Manchester and Tullahoma school systems, the budget and finance committee request will be for a requested total of $600,000.
The budget and finance committee decreased the proposed property tax increase from 21 cents to 6 cents due to budget decreases and a conditional resolution to be presented before the commission.
The committee reduced the EMS fund by $200,000 to eliminate the requested 2-cent property tax increase.
The other 13 cents of the school’s requested 19 cents were dismissed, leaving the schools with $600,000 if the commission passes the resolution. This would leave the county school system short of their requested needs.
The full commission will meet Tuesday, June 23 at 6 p.m. at the Coffee County Administrative Plaza to discuss the proposed wheel tax.