Westwood Students to Perform Halloween Plays on WMSR

This year seventeen Westwood Middle School 8th graders are excited to present three Halloween-themed radio shows for WMSR Thunder Radio. The shows will air Halloween Night beginning at 8pm.
A few of those seventeen are playing more than one role. These students have developed a camaraderie during rehearsals and have pulled together as a team for each performance. Rob Clutter has been a patient teacher during the recording of each show, and the students are delighted with the finished products. They hope the audience on Halloween will be as well!
In A Vengeful Corpse, a tale that first aired in 1949, a woman burned at the stake for being a witch seems to be walking the earth hundreds of years later to exact revenge on the descendants of those who prosecuted her.
Margaret Keeton, Ishan Vaidya, Derrick Scott, Maddy Lovell, Mariah Nunley, and Solomon Reynolds perform in this show with Jaxen Waggoner running sound.
Ghost Hunt features a radio disc jockey spending the night in a haunted house as a publicity stunt. She is a skeptic, but she takes along a psychic investigator, who immediately senses paranormal activity. What the disc jockey sees or THINKS she sees drives her to madness.
Ghost Hunt showcases Jaxen Waggoner, Olivia Kilpatrick, Genevieve Garner, Macie Lawrence, Hannah Rogers, and Lauren Perry running sound.
Baby Snooks and Daddy’s Halloween Show is a comedy show made famous by Fanny Brice in the 1940s. In this episode Daddy won’t let Snooks outside on Halloween so that she won’t get into any trouble; however, it’s Daddy himself that ends up in a war of pranks.
The Halloween Show casts spotlights Jacelle Perry, Derrick Scott, Lauren Perry, Thelma Norris, William Barron. Caroline Ballard and Emily Whitten run sound also play characters in the show.
Teacher Karen Lewis said, “I am very proud of the growth these students have made in their creativity and problem-solving as they have developed these shows over the past three weeks.”