Westwood student found with Airsoft BB gun at school Friday

A student was removed from Westwood Middle School Friday morning after he was found to be in possession of what administrators describe as an “airsoft BB gun.”

According to Manchester City Schools Director Dr. Joey Vaughn, another student saw the BB pistol and reported it to teachers. The gun was taken up and the situation has “been dealt with,” according to Vaughn.

Vaughn said the school allowed students to call and/or contact their parents to let them know that everything is OK.

“The student has been removed,” said Vaughn. “It was an airsoft pistol. Students weren’t in any danger. But that obviously is not appropriate at school.

“We wanted to let our students call and contact their parents individually because if it were me I would want to hear directly from my child that they are OK.”

Parents were notified of the incident.