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Wear Your Life Jacket on the Boat and No Boating Under the Influence

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wants to remind boaters about the importance of wearing life jackets and boating in a safe and responsible manner.
The TWRA said the Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to the summer boating season. Last year, for the third year in a row, there were not any fatalities related to boating incidents over the Memorial Day weekend.
So far this year, however, there have been five boating-related deaths, four injury-accident incidents and five property damage accidents. Three of those deaths involved paddle crafts.
To make sure everyone stays safe on the water, the TWRA stresses the importance of the responsible use of alcohol while boating.
In a boat on the water, the effects of alcohol increase because of external stressors such as engine vibration, wave motion and glare from the sun.
It is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol and drugs in the state of Tennessee.
The TWRA also wants to remind boaters to take a few minutes to perform a simple maintenance check before getting on the water. They suggest checking hoses, making sure the lights work and carrying extra fuses and bulbs.