Warren County Man Arrested For TennCare Fraud

Charles Burger

A Warren County man has been indicted in Rutherford County and charged with TennCare fraud for the second time.
The Office of Inspector General (OIG), with the assistance of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office have announced the arrest of Charles Ray Burger, 43, of McMinnville. He was being held in the Warren County Jail on unrelated charges, and was later transported the Rutherford County Jail, where he was served with the indictment.
Burger is accused of obtaining Morphine Sulphate through a local clinic prescription, then later selling the drug to an undercover police officer in Warren County.
If convicted Burger could serve up to two years for the TennCare fraud which is a Class E felony.
Through the OIG Cash for Tips Program established by the Legislature, Tennesseans can get cash rewards for TennCare fraud tips that lead to convictions. Anyone can report suspected TennCare fraud by calling 1-800-433-3982 toll-free from anywhere in Tennessee, or log on to tn.gov/tnoig and follow the prompts that read “Report TennCare Fraud.”