Warning From The Tullahoma PD

The Tullahoma Police Department has been notified by concerned citizens of a possible scam that is going around. It has been reported that a caller(s) is representing themselves as an employee of a cellular service provider and needing information to correct billing problems. The caller(s) requests information about the primary account holder, to include full name and social security number. In one instance the caller offered a $10 credit for the inconvenience. Also in all cases the caller(s) number is showing up as restricted or blocked from call-back. Police cautions all citizens about unsolicited phone calls that request personal information. In most cases you have already provided the personal information when you established the account and there should not be a need for requesting this information. Citizens are urged to contact their cellular provider or any other creditor and verify the authenticity of the call before providing personal information. Police encourage citizens to notify the authorities of any suspected scam that could affect other community members.