Warning For Drivers Without Insurance

wreckerA new law that goes into effect July 1 means drivers in Tennessee caught without insurance could have their car towed.
House Bill 606, which was approved earlier this year and is now law, is aimed at getting uninsured drivers off the roads.
Starting in July, law enforcement will be authorized to have someone’s vehicle towed if they’re caught driving without insurance.
The law also triples the fine from $100 to $300.
The move also aims to make it easier for law enforcement and DMV clerks to determine if a driver has insurance, whether they have proof or not.
A new system that will be in place by summer 2016 will allow authorities to ping a vehicle’s VIN, so a database can relay whether the owner has insurance.
According to the Insurance Information Institute, Tennessee had the sixth highest rate of uninsured motorists in the country in 2012, with 20.1 percent.
The national average that year was 12.6 percent. (WKRN)