Voter Turnout Down From 2008

An unofficial tally of votes from the recent presidential election shows more than 2.4 million people cast their ballots in Tennessee.
According to the secretary of state’s office, 2,454,470 Tennesseans voted. That’s down from the 2,599,749 votes cast in the 2008 presidential election.
This year, voters were required to show photo identification before voting. Those who didn’t have proper ID could vote provisionally.
Secretary of State Spokesman Blake Fontenay said Thursday that there were 674 photo ID-related provisional ballots cast, 178 of which have been counted.
Earlier this week, a coalition of Nashville poll watchers called for an audit of problems they documented with Election Day voting.
Tennessee Citizen Action organized the poll watching effort and its director, Mary Mancini, said that while some precincts were run effectively and smoothly, many were not.
Over 19,000 voted in Coffee County.