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UPDATE: Police unable to locate more remains near site of skull discovery; search over

We have an update to a story we first brought to you on Thunder Radio Wednesday night regarding the human skull that authorities found in Manchester late Wednesday afternoon.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Manchester Police Department and  an anthropology team led by Dr. Hugh Berryman with MTSU had not found any additional human remains in the area that the skull was discovered, according to Coffee County District Attorney General Craig Northcott. 

On Wednesday afternoon at approximately 5 p.m., authorities were searching for someone in relation to a hit-and-run traffic incident. During a foot pursuit of that subject, Manchester Police Department ended up in a wooded area off of Skinner Flat Rd. Behind the old Pappy’s Restaurant (also know as the old Shoney’s building). While walking back to their cars after not apprehending the original suspect, officers stumbled upon what appeared to be a human skull. 

The scene was secured for the night and an anthropology team and state medical examiner’s office were on hand Thursday to thoroughly search the area. The Thursday search yielded no additional results.

“There was no obvious signs of cause of death but we are still awaiting a full review and report of the skull by the [Medical Examiner’s] office,” said Northcott.

Manchester Police Department is the primary agency handling the investigation. Assisting in the search were Tullahoma Police Department, Coffee County Sheriff’s Department, Coffee County Emergency Management Services, Medical Examiner’s Office, MTSU Anthropology and Tennessee Homeland Security.

According to Northcott, the search has ended.

Manchester Police Chief Investigator Brandon Tomberlin. He may be reached at 931-728-2099.

“The skull has been taken to the medical examiner’s office with hopes of identifying the deceased,” added Northcott. “We will attempt to identify the remains through DNA and/or dental records from missing person reports in the area.”

Anyone with information should contact MPD chief investigator Brandon Tomberlin at btomberlin@cityofmanchestertn.com or 931-728-2099.