Update On Manchester Election

The City of Manchester will conduct its next municipal election on August 2.
Mayor Betty Superstein is running for re-election along with former Mayor Lonnie Norman, Claude Morse, and Stella McWhorter.
For Manchester alderman, those who have returned petitions to have their names listed on the Aug. 2 ballot include incumbents Donnie Thomas, Harlan Gene Holmes, Ryan French, and Roxanne Patton. Other candidates qualifying are J. Sam Miller, Mark Messick, Tim Pauley, Cheryl Swan, Russell Bryan and Joshua Jackson Moore.
Because Norman had to give up his slot on the board to run for Mayor, the state has allowed the qualification deadline to be changed to June 8th at noon. Now Manchester voters will be allowed to vote for up to 5 candidates. The top three candidates will receive 4 year terms. The next two will serve 2 years and 5th highest gets to serve out the final 2 years of Lonnie Norman’s term.
Other candidates that have picked up papers to run since the previous deadline include Gene Stillings, Brent Bates, and Michelle Simmons. Danny Davis has returned his petition to run for Manchester alderman.