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UPDATE: Man arrested in pursuit was charged with 11th offense of driving on revoked license; had warrants in Warren County

We have an update to a story Thunder Radio brought to you Thursday in the case of a high-speed chase and the arrest of Daniel Rainey. 

Daniel Rainey

According to the official arrest report from the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department, deputy Blake Simmons observed Rainey, 35, at Ben’s Lakewood Market and was advised that Rainey was possibly involved in drug traffic. When Simmons attempted to initiate a traffic stop on Lumley Stand Rd., he states in his report that Rainey accelerated in an erratic manner and began tossing bags out the window consistent with narcotics. The report states that Rainey also sprinkled a substance out the window that was hitting Simmons’ patrol unit. 

Rainey then abruptly hit his brakes, causing Simmons’ patrol unit to hit Rainey and slide his car off the road and strike a fence post. Rainey was then taken into custody without incident. He refused an ambulance. As we reported to you yesterday, Rainey was charged with manufacture, sell and delivery of meth, tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment, evading arrest and driving on revoked license — 11th offense. He also had active probation violation warrants in Warren County. His bond was set at $35,000.