University in the South in Sewanee Sues Broadway Company

The University in the South in Sewanee is suing a Broadway production company for royalties of a play which the university says it is legally owed.
The university is the official keeper of the estate of famed American playwright Tennessee Williams, and the lawsuit says that means it’s owed six percent of the royalties of Rudinplay’s recent production of “The Glass Menagerie” over a 30-month period.
The university filed the suit last week in federal court in Chattanooga.
The suit reads in part, “”This is an action for breach of contract stemming from Rudinplay’s willful and ongoing refusal to fulfill its clear contractual obligations to the University, including to pay the University royalties in an amount not less than $305,383.78, in connection with Rudinplay’s live stage production of Tennessee Williams’ play “The Glass Menagerie” on Broadway in New York City. In addition to being an institution of higher learning, the university is the proprietor of worldwide intellectual property rights in the works of the late American playwright Tennessee Williams. (WTVC-TV)