Unity Medical Center encourages COVID-19 vaccinations

Unity Medical Center in Manchester has issued a statement advocating for public education on the topic of COVID-19 vaccination. The full statement is below:

“As medical facilities across the state are left in the wake of the second wave of COVID-19 infections there has been an extreme uptick in COVID related hospitalizations. As these infection rates rise statewide vaccination rates have not risen to meet the challenge. Almost all new COVID-19 hospitalization cases are individuals who have not been vaccinated. 

“The new Delta variant is rapidly sweeping through the population and has generated critical levels of strain for local medical care facilities. Tennessee is currently sitting at a vaccination rate of 50.7% of individuals with at least one initial dose, but only 42.8% of individuals are fully vaccinated. Within the coffee county area, the same statistics lie at 42.8% and 35.2% respectively. The need for vaccination has become unparalleled as healthcare facilities and their staff have become burnt-out and grapple with a lack of available resources. 

“The Unity Medical Center family is devoted to educating the public on the advantages and importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19. As a facility dedicated to the betterment of our community, we encourage individuals to understand the severity of our current situation and recommend that vaccination be done as soon as possible. The facility has seen a major increase in COVID-19 related admissions. Nearly all new admissions are unvaccinated individuals. We must stress the importance of being vaccinated for the safety of our community, for individuals, and for their families. “