Unity Announces New Partnership

Unity Medical Center is extremely excited to announce its partnership with Concord Medical Group, PLLC to provide Hospitalist care for their facility in Manchester, TN.  This new contract highlights UMC’s commitment to providing the highest quality care for their patients by implementing creative new solutions in their Manchester, TN facility. The partnership with Concord will benefit patients in Coffee County and the surrounding areas by ensuring 24-hour Hospitalist coverage at UMC. Concord’s goal within the facility is to provide exceptional continuity of care, as the hospitalist will know a patient’s health status on a day-to-day basis, and therefore, be able to effectively manage the best treatment plan for each patient.
“We want to ensure that everyone in our community gets exceptional patient care,” said Martha McCormick. “Concord Medical Group is committed to patient satisfaction. I am confident they will make an excellent partner for Unity Medical Center and deliver high-quality care to our citizens.”
Concord Medical Group is a physician-owned and operated organization that provides quality hospital management and staffing solutions. Concord is dedicated to partnering with healthcare facilities to provide excellent patient care and to ensure more efficient operations.
“We’re extremely excited to work with Unity Medical Center,” Kyle Sheets, M.D. Founder and CEO. “UMC’s dedication to and commitment to increase patient satisfaction aligns perfectly with Concord’s goal of providing the highest quality of care possible to the community in and around Manchester.”