Two Men Robbed in Tullahoma

Tullahoma Police are investigating the robbery of two men on Saturday March 4. Travis Rogers’ vehicle broke down while he was driving home. He left it in the parking lot of the Westwood Church of Christ on West Lincoln Street. Rogers was being followed by Travis Patterson who picked up the man and they went to Rogers’ Cobb Hollow Road home to retrieve a jump box.
When they returned and began to try and start the car, an unknown male wearing a camouflage jacket and blue jeans with a black athletic shirt around his face approached them.
The man held the two at gunpoint and forced them to lay face down on the ground. The robber then took their wallet and money. He also threw the car keys into the parking lot along with the victim’s phones and fled on foot toward a field and a wooded area.
The men got up and Patterson retrieved his phone and called 911.
The thief got away with approximately $2,000.