Two Crashes Lead to Pedestrian being Killed in Estill Springs

Friday evening Pauline Goodrich a 73-year-old Estill Spring woman was apparently walking across Highway 41-A on foot near the Montana Drive-In when she was struck by a vehicle and died from her injuries.
According to an Estill Springs Police report, Goodrich had attempted to drive her 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo at about 6:15 p.m. into what she apparently thought was the entrance to the drive-in, but it was the exit instead. She then backed out onto Highway 41-A so she could re-position her car and access the theater’s entrance.
While Goodrich’s vehicle was on the road, a minivan driven by a female from Winchester was heading south on Highway 41-A and attempted to swerve to miss the Goodrich car, but they collided.
Goodrich got out of her vehicle and was walking across the road to check on the minivan’s occupants when she was hit by an oncoming Nissan Pathfinder driven female from Manchester.
The road was closed for about 3 hours and no other injuries were reported.