Two Accidents Lead to the Arrest of Tullahoma Man

Orlando Ferez Hayworth… Photo provided by the CCSD.

On Saturday (January 20th, 2018) Manchester Police responded to a hit and run accident on the Tullahoma Hwy. Officers state that Orlando Ferez Hayworth age 42 of Johnson Lane, Tullahoma allegedly struck another vehicle and then fled the scene of the accident without reporting it.
According to the arrest warrant, Officer Jamie Norris states that Hayworth then crashed his vehicle on the 2800 block of the Tullahoma Hwy while leaving the scene of the first accident. The man then allegedly fled on foot from his vehicle before being located by officers. When officers caught Hayworth, they stated in the warrant they detected the odor of an intoxicant about the man. Hayworth also allegedly had slurred speech, blood shot eyes and was unsteady on his feet. The warrant states that the man admitted to drinking to the officer and tests were conducted with the man allegedly performing poorly on all the tests given.
Officer Norris then transported the Hayworth to Unity Medical Center for a blood-alcohol test, results are pending.
The man, according to the warrant, was also found to have no insurance for his vehicle at the time of his accident.
While being checked into the Coffee County Jail, Hayworth allegedly spit in the right eye of Sgt. Floyd Rowell when correction officers were asking him to empty his pockets.
Hayworth was charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, failure to provide proof of insurance and assault. He bonded out of jail and is set to appear in court on March 27, 2018.