Tullahoma Utilities Board to Honor Two Employees With Tree Memorial Ceremony

TUBTullahoma Utilities Board (TUB) will be honoring two past employees with a memorial tree planting ceremony at 1:30 p.m. Monday, November 17th at the Lions Club Park at 407 Lions Club Lane.
This year, TUB will honor Jesse Taylor and David Griffith. Mr. Taylor worked in the warehouse from 1975 to 1986. He passed away August 2, 2010.
Mr. Griffith was a TUB Board Member for many years. He passed away November 28, 2004.
TUB Forrester Monty Hawkins will plant two Red Oak trees in honor of these two men who served the city for many years. This particular type of tree grows well in our area and develops into a beautiful specimen. Red Oaks can attain a height of 140 feet and live for approximately 500 years.
Family members of the recipients, as well as several TUB staff and board members, will be in attendance to honor the hard work and years of dedication that they gave to the city.
TUB invites anyone who knew Jesse Taylor or David Griffith to attend the ceremony and help honor them.