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Tullahoma to host meeting about HOME project program

The City of Tullahoma will hold a public meeting on Monday, July 22 at 4:00

p.m. at City Hall located at 201 West Grundy St. Tullahoma, TN. The purpose

of the meeting will be to discuss the HOME program. The City of Tullahoma

has been awarded a grant from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency

(THDA) for the purpose of rehabilitating owner-occupied homes for low-income

residents. All residents of Tullahoma interested in the program should

attend this meeting.

The program will be explained at the meeting and applications may be picked

up at the meeting or at the City Hall following the meeting. Applications

must be submitted back to the City Hall by August 26.

The South Central Development District worked with the city of Tullahoma to obtain a $500,000 HOME grant that will cover the costs of approximately 7-9 projects.

The grants are available to low-income homeowners living in substandard

housing and are used to bring properties up to code compliancy only, not for

beatification purposes. For example, the grant funds would not cover new

windows for beautification but would fund them if the existing windows were

broken or missing. These funds are strictly used to bring the home up to

code. There’s a limit of approximately $60,000 on any given project. If

renovating the home would exceed that amount then rebuilding the home may be

an option.

Applicants for the program must be of low or very low income, defined as

below 80% of the area median income, and must have lived at their property

for at least one year.

If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact Kandi Higgins

at 931-379-2957.