Tullahoma Thinking Green

Photo provided

Photo provided

Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee in conjunction with the Go Green! Tullahoma Committee and Public Works has announced activities and awareness campaigns to help lessen our dependency on landfills and make Tullahoma a more attractive and great intentional city. “A great Tullahoma is intentional, not accidental,” said Mayor Lane Curlee. “Part of that initiative is to create a community that is clean and green.” The City of Tullahoma is a leader in recycling for the region. Over the last year, Tullahoma’s efforts have increased residential recycling 10% with over 30% of residents participating in curbside recycling. Tullahoma provides curbside recycling to 18,655 citizens, approximately 7,000 households, within the city and covers 25 square miles. They also process all of the recycling materials for the City of Manchester and for Coffee County, a population of 52,000 (2010 US Census Bureau). Items collected curbside include cardboard, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, mixed paper, plastic items #1 – #7s, aluminum cans and tin food cans.

Recycling Message on All Garbage Cans

Public Works is working to energize and educate the public about recycling.
The first awareness campaign residents will soon see is an eye-catching new recycling sticker appearing on the lid of garbage cans.

Clean up litter

Another project the Mayor is focusing on is the Clean up! Tullahoma. The next quarterly clean-up day is scheduled for February 21. Volunteers can join in at 942 Maplewood Drive 8:00 am on Saturday.