Tullahoma Police Searching For Suspect Involved In Theft

theftTullahoma Police are searching for a man who held three men at bay with a pistol and took $1,500 from an apartment on Jefferson Street.
According to a report by Officer Holly Sparkman, Carl Parson said that he was a sleep on the couch when he heard a knock on the door. A male stated that he was a Tullahoma Police Officer and ordered him to open the door.
When the door was opened a male pushed his way into the apartment and pointed a pistol at Parsons. As this was happening two other individuals walked into the room and were ordered at gunpoint to a bedroom and onto the floor.
The assailant then allegedly started ransacking the room and located $1,500 in cash from a small box behind the bed in a diaper bag.
As the thief left the apartment he allegedly took Parson’s cell phone.
All three men told officer Sparkman that they knew the individual as he had been at the apartment several times.
Police searched for the alleged assailant but were unable to locate him.
Warrants have been obtained for the alleged thief and police are searching for him.