Tullahoma Police Conduct Beer Compliance Check

Tullahoma Police CarThe sale of alcoholic beverages to minors is a continued concern of the Tullahoma Police Department. In the ongoing effort to discourage and detect the unlawful sale of alcohol to minors by beer permit holders, the Department conducts periodic compliance checks to ensure permit holders are being vigilant in their sale of alcohol.
A recent compliance check conducted by the Detective division of the Department, resulted in twenty seven (27) businesses being checked. Out of the businesses checked, only two sold alcohol to the underage agent. The Department conducts the compliance checks with clear instructions to the underage agent to provide a valid identification when requested.
Citations for the sale of beer to the underage agent were issued to Piggly Wiggly, 811 East Lincoln St, and Mapco Express, 315 East Lincoln St. The employees that sold the beer were cited into the Tullahoma Municipal Court and have a scheduled appearance May 13, 2014. All alleged violations of the beer compliance checks are referred to the City’s Beer Board for review after the City court cases are adjudicated.
The Police Department would like to thank the businesses and their employees that so diligently and responsibly comply with the requirement for identification for the sale of alcohol. The Department will continue to use compliance checks as a means to reduce the availability of alcohol to underage people. Any questions about this or other police operations may be directed to Chief Paul Blackwell at (931) 455-0530 or pblackwell@tullahomatn.gov.