Tullahoma Police Asking For The Public’s Help

Crime stoppersWith the coming of summer and the warmer weather Tullahoma has seen an increase in car burglaries across the City. The Tullahoma Police Department needs the public’s assistance to apprehend the people responsible for these incidents and attempt to return the property to the rightful owner. The burglaries are occurring in various parts of the city and during the early morning hours. In some cases the vehicles are unlocked and provide easy access, in others a window is being broken to gain entry.
The police reports are including property stolen to include firearms, purses, wallets, and cash. As the Tullahoma Police Department investigates these incidents, officers are being told of people seeing someone suspicious, hearing noises, or area dogs barking excessively; but not paying much attention to it. The police encourage anyone that sees or hears something that is out of the ordinary to immediately call the non-emergency dispatch number at 455-3411, or if an emergency – 911.
The department encourages citizens to take some basic precautions: leave exterior lights turned on, remove any valuables from the vehicle, lock the vehicle, park your vehicle(s) in a well-lit area, and maintain the serial numbers of valuable items. The department encourages citizens to take an active role in reporting suspicious activity; get to know your neighbors; recognize what seems out of place in your neighborhood; and promptly notify the police so they can respond.
If you have any information about these cases or other criminal activity, please call the crime stoppers line at 461-8888, by email to tpd@tullahomatn.gov, or calling the department at 455-0530. Should you have questions about other police operations, please contact Chief Paul Blackwell at (931) 455-0530 or pblackwell@tullahomatn.gov.