Tullahoma Participating In New State Program

Tullahoma Welcome SignThe governor’s office has launched a program that focuses on improving health at the local level.
State officials announced on Wednesday that nine cities and counties across the state will pilot the Healthier Tennessee Communities program.
The initiative promotes physical activity, healthy eating and staying away from tobacco with an emphasis on community-led change.
In Tennessee, one in four adults smokes and that moved officials to make a change.
Tullahoma and Franklin are just two of the cities already involved.
Leaders say they hope this will improve the overall health of the state and it comes at no cost to the local community.
Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee said, “When you think about it, nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of the people who live here. By participating in the Healthier Tennessee Communities program, we are improving the lives of so many people in Tullahoma by encouraging physical activity, better nutrition, and fewer people using tobacco. ”