Tullahoma Man Provides a Wonderful Gift

TurkeyA Tullahoma man is reaching out to the Sumner County Food Bank with some help after recent burglaries.
News 2 reported Tuesday that the food bank had been burglarized twice within three days and was in desperate need of a security system with cameras.
The food bank; however, could not afford to purchase the security system since that money was needed to purchase food.
Danny Burton of Tullahoma saw the story and reached out, offering an eight camera security system to the food bank.
“I’m not rich,” Burton said. “My wife and I are not, but the fact that people are stealing from needy people and a church, I just don’t like it.”
Burton said he did not want to see the food bank forced to purchase a security system when that money could be used to buy food for Christmas. He remembered he had a home security system someone had given him, sitting in a closet. “It works, I checked it at home,” Burton said.
The Sumner County Food Bank was burglarized and thieves made off with about 800 pounds of meat according to Food Bank executive director James Gill.
Gill says the money saved on buying a camera security system will feed at least 30 families for 10 days.