Tullahoma Man Charged With Having Moonshine Still

Anthony Lindsey

A Tullahoma man was arrested Friday morning after local and state authorities found what they said was a moonshine still operating in downtown Tullahoma.
The arrest came after police received information from a resident about moonshine possibly being produced at a neighboring residence.
Tullahoma police Lt. Jason Ferrell notified State Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent Heath Luttrell of the operation. According to the police report, around 10 a.m. investigators from the police department and Luttrell went to 300 Edde Street, where they obtained permission to search the property from 34 Anthony Lindsey. The report states that when searching an outside shed, the officers found three 25-pound bags of sugar and a 50-pound bag of shelled corn, as well as a half-gallon jar of what appeared to be moonshine. They also found 2 stills in the shed. According to police reports, Lindsey was arrested late last year and charged with contributing to the delinquency of three teenage girls. He allegedly had given the teenagers moonshine and was “drinking with them.” He served 30 days in jail on those charges and was released on probation. On Friday, Lindsey was arrested and booked into the Coffee County Jail on charges of possession of a moonshine still and possession of untaxed liquor.