Tullahoma Kiwanis Club Needs Huge Donations For Fireworks Show

fireworks3Tullahoma Kiwanis Club member Mike Rutherford said last week that it will take about $18,000 in donations for the club to sponsor a July 4 fireworks show for the City of Tullahoma.
Rutherford spoke to club members and others last week at Lakewood Golf and Country Club who are interested in reviving the fireworks and airshow canceled in 2014.
“It takes about $18,000 without a band and airshow,” Rutherford said. “And about $24,000 for the airshow and a band.”
Last year, the event was canceled due to a lack of funds. Inclement weather in 2012 and 2013 caused a drop in attendance and in donations, which led to the cancelation of the 2014 show.
Tullahoma Fire Dept. Chief Richard Shasteen said Thursday afternoon that “there is a possibility for the fireworks show to be held at the football practice field if they use six-inch mortar shells” if they meet with him and set up a meeting with Angela Lansbury of the state fire marshal’s office to survey the area.
The Tullahoma Kiwanis Club began sponsoring the fireworks show in 1969. (Wayne Thomas Tullahoma News)