Tullahoma High School Put On Lockdown Monday Afternoon

school_lockdown1At approximately 2:05 pm Monday afternoon the Tullahoma Police Department was notified by a concerned citizen that a man made a statement that he was going to “go shoot someone”.
The unknown white male was last seen on a pathway behind the Wendy’s restaurant on Wilson Avenue heading in the direction of the Library. Officers responded to the scene and began looking for the alleged gunman. Officers scoured the area of the greenway and the areas around it. During this time the Tullahoma High School was placed on lockdown as a safety precaution.
Officers were able to locate five adult males on the greenway in the area of D W Wilson recreation center. The five adults were carrying “airsoft” style pistols and told officers they were going into the woods to “play”. The officers identified the five adults and cautioned them about the dangers of openly carrying replicas of firearms. Tullahoma High School was taken off the lockdown around 2:50pm and continued with school activities.
This incident is a reminder of the hazards of replica pistols and other weapons. A very serious incident could easily occur had the replica weapons been pointed, whether intentional or not, toward a private citizen or a law enforcement officer. Please remember that officers have only seconds to respond to a perceived threat. Fortunately this incident was resolved peacefully.