Tullahoma Could Add Electronic Textbooks

Tullahoma Director of Schools Dan Lawson

To keep up with technologically changing times and to save money, the Tullahoma Board of Education is looking into what it would take to provide the school system’s students with electronic textbooks. The board recently discussed the idea during a meeting. But Dr. Dan Lawson, Tullahoma City Schools director, said students actually using electronic textbooks by computer companies, such as Apple’s iPad and Google Inc.’s Chromebook, is at least two years away. But the board is looking into possibilities in the meantime regarding what it would take to make the computer-age move. Lawson said the electronic devices can cost several hundred dollars, But a single high school printed literature textbook can cost about $120. The electronic device can access various different textbook sources, potentially leading to a great cost savings. At issue is how the school system’s 3,400 students would be equipped with the electronic textbooks. Lawson said many students will probably have their own electronic books.