Tullahoma City School Board To Pay Parent’s Legal Fees

Tullahoma City SchoolsA federal court judge has ordered the Tullahoma City Board of Education to pay $23,582 in legal fees to the parent of a TCS student.
In a decision handed down on Sept. 21, Judge Harry S. Mattice Jr. of the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Tennessee in Winchester ordered the board to pay the attorney’s fees of Steven Pursley. He had sued the board of education last year, claiming the school district had stopped providing his son with the special education services he needs.
The only issue before Judge Mattice was whether or not the school district owed Pursley reimbursement for his legal fees. The issue of whether or not his son was entitled to special education services was heard earlier by an administrative law judge, who determined that the student did not need to be in special education classes, despite having a learning disability.
In his ruling, Mattice noted the student is protected by various safeguards guaranteed by Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act.
On April 10 of this year, an administrative law judge determined that the boy did not need to be in special education classes. He said that while the student is disabled, he “no longer requires special education services in order to access his education.”
Dr Dan Lawson says the Tullahoma School will pay half of the fees and the state the other half. (News source Tullahoma News)