Tullahoma City Election Set For August

vote2As we told you earlier in the week early voting continues for the May primary, another list of candidates have qualified in non-partisan elections to be held locally on August 7 for the City of Manchester now we have information on Tullahoma. Two aldermen will be elected for 3 year terms. Voters can cast a ballot for up to 2 of the 3 candidates. Those running for Tullahoma aldermen; Tina D Holman, Jerry R Mathis and Mike Stanton. Two men are running for mayor that will serve 3 years. Incumbent Lane Curlee and former mayor Troy Bisby. The roles were reversed for these two candidates three years ago. Three people are running for Tullahoma School board positions; Amy M Johnson, Steve R Lynn and Brac Thoma. Lynn is running for both alderman and school board. School board terms are 4 years.
The deadline to register to vote in the August 7 elections is Tuesday, July 8. Early voting will be July 18 through Aug. 2.
The May 6th early voting continues through May 1.