Tullahoma Airport Used Heavily For Bonnaroo–Needs County Help

Overhead view of Tullahoma Airport

The runway at the Tullahoma Airport was lined with jets this past weekend as record producers, spectators and performers flew in for Bonnaroo. The pilots purchased fuel while the occupants drove to Manchester for the annual event. Airport Manager Jon Glass noted that the event was a big thing for the county.

In other airport news; John Miller the chairman of the Tullahoma Airport Authority says that the board is still hoping to get some financial assistance from the Coffee County Industrial Board in funding a speculative building at the airport as part of the airport board’s plans to develop and industrial park there. Miller noted that currently several industries in the county frequently use the airport including M-Tek which had parts delivered some 20 times during the month of April. Employees of the airport unload the cargo and it is then transported to Manchester.