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TSSAA Pushes Back Start of Some Fall Sports

On Tuesday, TSSAA Executive Director Bernard Childress sent a letter to all member schools(including Coffee County CHS and Coffee County Middle School) altering the start of the fall season for some varsity sports due to Governor Lee’s extension of the COVID-19 Emergency Order. In the letter, Childress advises that “close contact sports” can not have competition or scrimmages while the Governor’s order is in place. He advises that the seasons for girls’soccer and football will not begin on time. The TSSAA is working on contingency plans and Thunder Radio will continue to monitor this story.

Below is TSSAA Executive Director Bernard Childress’ letter to member schools:

“Yesterday, the Governor’s office extended Tennessee’s COVID-19 State of Emergency until August 29, 2020.  The Governor’s prior order (No. 38) includes limitations and restrictions on contact sporting events and activities.
We are working with the Governor’s office to ensure that our member schools are in compliance with the executive order in regards to athletic participation and contact sports.
While the Governor’s order is in place, member schools cannot have any competition or scrimmage with other schools and cannot have close contact activities during their fundamental practice in the sports of football, 7-on-7 football, girls soccer, wrestling and basketball. 
Based on the extension of the Governor’s order, football and girls’ soccer cannot begin their seasons as originally scheduled.  We are in the process of developing regular season and postseason options to present to the TSSAA Board of Control for their consideration. The Board will ultimately make the decision as to how this will impact the postseason and if any adjustments can be made to regular season competition.