Trees More Vulnerable During Drought

Damage at Hillsboro Elementary... Photo provided

Hwy 127 just before the traffic light in Hillsboro... Photo provided

Forestry experts warn that persistent drought conditions in Tennessee have made trees more vulnerable to gusts of wind.
The National Weather Service reports that at least 64% of Tennessee is experiencing severe drought conditions.
Severe drought conditions mean agricultural losses may occur. The fire risk is very high and water shortages are common.
Extreme drought conditions are marked by significant agricultural losses, extreme fire danger and widespread water shortages.
Afternoon storms have caused several trees to fall across Middle Tennessee.
The trees have damaged homes and brought down power lines.
This past Thursday a strong storm damaged homes and businesses in Hillsboro.
According to the Forestry Division of the Department of Agriculture for Tennessee, the drought conditions can cause the roots of a tree to shrink.
When the roots shrink they are less able to deliver water to the tree. The tree then becomes dry and brittle.
The Forestry Division’s Information and Education Program Specialist said the lack of water also causes the ground to become dry and fragile.
Tennessee’s Division of Forestry has created a special web page that addresses many questions surrounding Tennessee’s drought conditions.
The site also has ways for people to protect livestock, crops, pets and plants from the long term effects of drought.
According to the National Drought Forecast Map published by The National Integrated Drought Information System, most of Tennessee’s drought situation is expected to persist or intensify.